BreeLast one from the stream. Goodnight people.

Amazing! Thankyou so much for this! c: <33

Can’t argue this logic.



Last one from the stream. Goodnight people.

Amazing! Thankyou so much for this! c: <33

Can’t argue this logic.

A REAL Story About Bronies That ACTUALLY Happened:


Figured since there was some pretty awful allegations made by a tumblr user who fancies made-up tragedies, it’s time I shared something that ACTUALLY happened at the con that had a strong impact on me in particular.

Saturday night around 4pm I came down with the worst case of fatigue in my life. It was so bad I could hardly sit myself up on my bed. I was supposed to do my Make-Up Panel, too, but there was just no way I was going to be standing for an hour to walk around and do make-up at the same time. Because of all of this, I had to stay in my hotel room and watch the convention from the Ponyville Live stream. Fortunately, I had lots of friends come by and bring me snacks, drinks, and their companionship. In soon enough time, I was well-nourished and thanks to my friends that visited me and the musicians on the stream, I was feeling much better! So I decided I felt well enough to go down to the /mlp/arty with my friends.

But on the way down there, someone checking their phone was informed that a friend of his was missing. She was a Rarity cosplayer. To make things even more eerie (for me personally at least), she appeared to be wearing the exact same cocktail dress I used to use for my Rarity cosplay. No one knew where she was, but when they got word that last she was seen she was very drunk and around a sober stranger, they were overcome with panic and worry.

Banding together, they decided to form a search party and find Con Staff. The only thing I have to complain about this situation was that because it was a mob of people, everyone got a little too panicked and they probably made a bigger deal than they should have; certain people should have definitely been more delicate about the situation. But the only reason why that happened was because they were panicked and scared for their friend.

But soon she was found and most importantly she was alright (thank God).

So, next time you think that Bronies don’t care about the welfare of girls, little girls, big girls, cosplaying girls, etc., this weekend I witnessed 20-30 Bronies come together over the well-being of a fellow female Cosplayer. Even if nothing happened, witnessing that for my very own eyes truly warmed my heart and gave me a lot more faith in this fandom, especially when it comes to cosplaying.

Sometimes I get worried when will be the first Brony Convention I go to that someone sexually harasses me; but I know now that I don’t have to worry about that anymore. And even if it does happen, I know there are people at these conventions that would destroy someone if they found out a girl has been taken advantage of.

Thanks to this weekend, I think I have finally found a way to get out of my depression. I really couldn’t have asked for a better one, even if it was dramatic as could be. I honestly can’t wait to see y’all again at the next convention.

^THIS^ Is why I love this fandom.


Here is proof of how brony are truely the lowest scum of the earth.

Okay 1-

It’s the fucking internet. Internet culture does this, not Bronies. This has been done many times in many different franchises. Half of these people came from 4chan. Remember 4chan? Yeah, surprise surprise, that’s where a bunch of the fandom originated from, and sad to say, a lot of people from there are scum who get off to making other people miserable on purpose. ESPECIALLY when they are told not to, that just makes them enjoy doing it all the more.

2- You can’t expect every random shmuck to know instantly “oh that pony is a make a wish pony”. Pretty sure most people went “Oh, that’s a cute stallion, I want to draw porn of it.” like they do wit EVERY new character that pops up in the show.

3- Get the fuck out and stop generalizing groups of people for the negative things a few of them happen to do. If you want to act like that, then go ahead and say all feminists are men-hating lesbians, that all anime fans are lolita/shota obsessed pedos, that all african americans are criminals, etc etc etc.

That doesn’t hold up in the real world, and it sure as hell doesn’t hold up here.

God, you people who look for reasons to hate entire groups are fucking disgusting.


And how apt in the timing too.




To fellow bronies who defend My Little Pony by saying its “Not really girl”.

No. That is wrong. It IS girly, unabashedly so. The problem is assuming that “girly” means badly-made, superficial, and stupid. Girly can be good. This is the holy word of…

Expand your definition of girly. dude. @_@ Wider. WIDER.

To what? At some point a definition is expanded so much it becomes meaningless. Which is another issue. Everyone has their own idea of what ‘girly’ means.



To fellow bronies who defend My Little Pony by saying its “Not really girl”.

No. That is wrong. It IS girly, unabashedly so. The problem is assuming that “girly” means badly-made, superficial, and stupid. Girly can be good. This is the holy word of creator-saint Lauren Faust.

Whenever you try to present MLP:FiM as “not girly”, you do a disservice to the show and it’s vision.


Embrace the girliness, for without it this show would not exist.


I will go so far as to say, it’s not exclusively girly. That is an issue with a large amounts of ‘girly’ shows is they make it all about that stuff all the time and nothing but. locking out anyone who doesn’t like that sort of thing, which lets face it that way that stuff portrays it, is most people even girls.

MLP has plenty that isn’t ‘girly’, at least not the stereotypical stuff. But it does have a large amount of it, and fully embraces that stuff. It is a core part of what the show is about, but it is not ALL the show is about.







safe search off vs safe search on

"my kids were/could be scarred for life from seeing porn when they google their favorite characters!"

just use the safe search jfc look at the difference it makes

Hey look what happens when you learn how to use the internet right.

Laughs. Okay, but the fact that people have to TURN ON safe search for their kid to look up pictures of animated ponies is ridiculous??

The fact that people have CREATED PORN OF ANIMATED PONIES is WHY people hate bronies.

"When you learn how to use the internet right"


I’m fucking sick of parents and whiners who don’t give a shit till they’re being called out for what terrible parents they are and then trying to place the blame on outside sources, it’s not the internet’s fault you let the internet raise your kids. It’s not the Television’s fault that it’s their only friend. It’s not the videogame’s fault that it gives them the joy you never did. BE A FUCKING PARENT AND OWN UP TO YOUR OWN GODDAMNED CHILDREN BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO CREATE THEM!

-Rant over.-

Am i the only one who sees that Both windows have my little pony porn in the search bar?

I rarely ever put anything of this sort on my blog but there are several things here that need to be addressed.

1. Axelwolf:  The entire point was the difference that safe search made.  To show that the exact same search was needed in both instances.  In this case it was Pony Porn.  One was porn, as expected.  The other, in spite of the search being Pony Porn, turned up nothing of any concern.

2. Porn did not make the Internet.  Porn DID make HD images possible.  Porn DID make Streaming movies and videos possible.  Porn did make heavily automated web sites possible.  Porn DID make programs to block access for minors and other unauthorized use, because porn people could see the need, far before the laws caught up to it.  SURPRISE!  PORN made social networking sites FIRST.  Tumblr and many another unnamed sites were made possible by the PORN INDUSTRY always seeking to deliver a “better product” both faster and more efficiently.

3.  The Internet was created and founded by the USA Department of Defense as a means for military computers to communicate with a minimum of interruption or data loss in the event of a nuclear war.

I am old enough to actually remember these things when they happened.

By looking at the leadership role that the PORN industry has taken from the start, it is obvious, but not popular, especially with SJW that the best way to keep the Internet growing and improving is to let the PORN INDUSTRY alone!

Don’t think so?  You like interactive games, DON’T YOU?  They were Porn first! 

So ye Porn did not create the internet itself, but it did make it what it is today.

Hey, want more fun facts? The reason VHS won over Betamax tapes? The people that made Betamax refused to let the cassettes be used to record porn on. And I’m not shitting you, that is actually one of the contributing factors in, pretty much every new major media development. Porn drives media. People love it, and WILL do what it takes to get it.

Hell HDDVD Versus Blueray. It wasn’t until Sony allowed pron studios to use Blue Ray to record porn on that the war between those two was settled.

It’s a recognized rule of media, the Rule of First Adopters. The the first group to adopt a new form of media and that will end up causing it to spread an become widely used/known first, is the porn industry.




Don’t be a stuck up prude that bitches at others for DARING to like something they don’t and continuing the rather bullshit “Sex is teh ebils” puritanical bullshit America gets so fucking hung up over. You don’t like it, to fucking bad. It’s the internet, porn for EVERYTHING exists. Don’t like it, go crawl in a hole somewhere up in the mountains and become a hermit. Or, jus use the available tools to not have to look at it.

The majority of clop artists I know, are far far better people then the assholes that bitch at and insult them. Hey guess what people like it, and there is zero wrong with that. You don’t, fine, don’t look at it. Don’t be a stuck up asshole and try to dictate what others’ can and can’t enjoy/do or insult them for it.


safe search off vs safe search on

"my kids were/could be scarred for life from seeing porn when they google their favorite characters!"

just use the safe search jfc look at the difference it makes

Hey look what happens when you learn how to use the internet right.

Trade Ya Review


You know how every Season 4 episode is playing off of a previous one? Well, today’s episode is a bit unique. It takes not only from a previous episode, but said episode is a finale. Trade Ya is the spiritual successor to The Best Night Ever. It also takes a note from Castle Mane-ia (that title…) by putting the ensemble into pairs. There are three small stories here, so I’ll tackle each one separately.

The shortest story stars Rarity and Applejack and feels a bit like a callback to Look Before You Sleep, with each character trying to interact with the other, but not being able to see from the others perspective. Applejack tries to trade their collective items for an old pie tin that has some practical value and Rarity is trying to do the same, but for a brooch that she has already.

My problem here is that each item seems to be extremely superficial, even by the characters’ standards. I like the idea of AJ trying to get something that will help her get work done, but a single pie tin that will only make the baking time five seconds faster? That is not worth trading two saddlebags and a whole sack of items for. Same thing to Rarity: the entire stash for one piece of jewelry, especially for one you already have? I feel this is a bit farfetched for these level-headed characters.

I also kind of don’t like how we see the lead-up to this story’s conclusion. The second part of the conflict involves the two insisting on letting the other get what she wants, and that goes on for a while until everything is suddenly okay at the end. The two resolve their conflict by getting smaller, less valuable items for each other. It’s a nice gesture, and really shows the benefit of small sacrifices for someone you care about. I just wish it was handled a bit better.

Speaking of sacrifice, that seems to be the running theme for the episode. Rarity and Applejack aren’t willing to sacrifice at all during their conflict. They may insist that the other go ahead and trade their stash away, but even then they still don’t want to get off their high horses (if you’ll pardon the pun). It’s not until they finally give in at the very end that a happy conclusion is reached.

The next story I wanna talk about is with Twilight and Pinkie Pie. Huzzah, the Feeling Pinkie Keen setup is back again! I really would like to see these two interact more often. Anyway, Twilight is getting a lot of unwanted attention from being a princess, and is trying to get rid of some old books that she doesn’t read anymore. Pinkie is trying to help Twilight capitalize on this, by auctioning off the books.

Pinkie’s behavior here is comparable to hers in Filli Vanilli, legitimately trying to help but not seeing how she’s making someone else feel uncomfortable. I won’t blame Pinkie, even though the episode reprimands her for her actions at the end. She keeps hyping up Twilight’s books as the best things ever, and could only be traded for something of equal value. Eventually, with everything she says, Pinkie goes overboard and ends up driving the crowd away.

I like the moment Twilight and Pinkie share here. They both reminisce a bit on what the books mean to Twilight and why for that very reason they can’t be traded away. Twilight learns a little more about sentimental value and Pinkie learns to let her friends’ decisions be her friends’ decisions. This is really heartwarming, plus the callbacks are a nice touch.

The big story, however, is between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Here we see what happens when one side sacrifices too much and the other doesn’t give back a thing. It’s good to see Flutters be so kind to help out Rainbow through this scenario, but her shyness does end up causing more problems than it’s worth. At this point I’m really wondering if those lessons she’s learned are truly sticking. Not gonna really question it though, baby steps and all that.

Rainbow Dash here, however, is excellent. She’s super excited to get a Daring Do book but has to go through a giant line of trades in order to get it. Each new trade setup is comedy gold and there is never a dull moment with these two; they and the situations they’re in play off each other superbly.

I like Dash’s development here also. Well, it’s not necessarily development as it is a wake-up call. She’s finally able to get the book, but accidentally trades away Fluttershy as well. The moment she realizes this, she jump ahead to set it right. We see both sides of Rainbow Dash here; she’s easily excited and doesn’t think straight all the time when she is, but when things go south she’s the first to try and set them right. I was really happy to see that, as well as Dash getting Fluttershy the bird whistle she wanted. That left me smiling so wide.

Three stories, three different take on the moral of sacrifice for a friend. Characterization is solid, entertainment value is high, visuals are beautiful, and there are plenty of heartwarming moments near the end to round things off. Plus, Spike appears and actually wins in his own little scenario! Take that, people who say that Spike is the butt of all jokes.

So yeah, Trade Ya is definitely not worth trading away.

Yup, it was an all around amazing episode.

Though one complaint right away, aright maybe nitpick, not with the episode but the review.

You know how every Season 4 episode is playing off of a previous one?

This part. I keep seeing people try to claim a lot of these and it just kind of bugs me a bit because… what? No I don’t see it, not one has really had any direct narrative ties to older episodes (whoops, Filli Vanilli, but even then, the actual plots were nothing alike., had the same plot.. no how are any of them ‘re-treads’ anything? Do they have some similarities? Of course, but with by this point nearly 100 episodes, finding some similarities is impossible not to do. Doesn’t mean it’s a re-tread, or a sequel, or anything else. Unless the story itself makes a direct correlation to a story already done, how is simply having a similar event a big deal? So, this just.. feels really really odd to me.

Now the episode. I loved the Rarity and AJ bits, yeah what they wanted made no damn sense, but it did kind of for them. And as to why it was worth so much ‘vintage’. The rest, let’s face it it was just for the laughs, and it was great at it. Plus the ending was so sweet. Though.. ummm, how the buck does AJ know that much about what kind of jewelry Rarity has? I swear some writer is a really fervent Rarijack shipper, because that is one pairing I keep seeing little hints constantly thrown in about.

Twi/Pinkie, nice the see Princess Twilight is a big deal somewhat, though even then, it’s rather low key outside of the ‘official’ stuff and once Pinkie hypes it up. So.. yeah it really fits in with how the show treats it so far. Pinkie was annoying, but not unduly so, though really wanted Twi to do more to make her shut up. Did love Twi’s reactions, but wish she did more. Then again by this point, she likely knows there’s no stopping Pinkie.

Flutter-Dash was amazing, and yeah you summed it up pretty well. Though.. more mythical creatues YES!

Also, Bioshock Ponies, and disabled Ponies are canon. Do kind of like that last part, and how, nopony treated him any differently at all that we saw, was rather awesome. Oh and rumor is the pony was added for and voiced by a real disabled teen with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Though unconfirmed ATM.

Oh also, ponies really do wag their tails like puppies when excited.. so cute!

But yes this was an all around amazing episode.

Hmmmm, little look back, not bad. Of course few rebuttals.

"First song of Season 3" … you mean other then the three in the premier? Or two if you count the third one as simply a reprise or continuation of the first one? But yes it is an awesome song.

ST and SS giving Babs a pass on the blank flanks really isn’t odd. Yeah it’s what they most harp on the CMC about, but as you said, because it’s such an easy target. They are bullies. They want to push others down to make themselves feel superior. How they are doing that doesn’t really matter to them, just that it’s happening. The blank Flank bit is just the easiest way for them to do that. Soon as Babs joins there side, it doesn’t matter she’s a blank flank, because their thing wasn’t bullying blank flanks specifically, but anypony they could bully, with blank flanks simply being an easy target. And Babs making herself no longer a target by joining them.

Babs being so good at being a bully, still makes sense. Granted I do agree they pushed it a tad to far, at least in how quickly and eagerly she does it. But she’s gone through years of this, been dealing with the stress that torment for so long. Now? Now she’s finally snapped, had enough, and all that repressed anger and pain is being vented. Twisting her into what she hated. It does make perfect sense and does feel a lot like what could happen to someone. Though yeah the writers did push it a tad to far to feel right. Should have given her a bit more evidence of being conflicted about it or something.

The Moral. Seems to be missing a large amount of what the episode actually showed. Yeah the stated morale is one thing, but there is also the shown ones, the things that don’t need to be delivered on a silver platter and directly stated. But are there nonetheless. Yeah the stated moral is rather cliched, and a lot of people bitch about how it’s not the real fix to every situation, how often that won’t work. But the episode never made it out to be the ultimate perfect solution to this, simply as something you should try first. Something you should do, that might fix a good deal of issues, but yeah hardly saying it will fix everything.

The other, shown, moral is about the cycle of bullying, how dangerous it can be, how it just breeds more of the same. How easy it is for someone who’s been picked on for so long to simply lash out and start doing it to other kids. And again, despite what some people seem to bitch at the episode about. (Some, not you) it also wasn’t saying that’s the base cause of ALL bullying, simply A cause. And how it shoed that was just so so well done. Yeah the stated moral was rather average. Decent, true, but hardly amazing, the other one shown in the story is far far better and so well done.